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About Us

Remote Digital Teams is a subsidiary of Engine Lab Software which was founded in 2013 by our CEO, John Rowan. We're an Irish & UK company and have been providing technical solutions mainly to tech companies in Ireland, the UK & the US for over 10 years now. We excel at providing software solutions for companies who want to innovate using emerging technologies. We work with some of the brightest companies to help them innovate.

Meet our team

Who keeps the service running

John Rowan

John Rowan



Aidan Rowan

UK Operations Director


Aleksandar Djokic

Tech Lead


Gareth Slaven

Cloud Lead

What We Do Best

We help companies to innovate using emerging technologies

Using the latest technologies such as AI, Computer Vision, edge IOT and Big Data, we provide amazing solutions which work for our customers. They trust us to create a go to market solutions which will allow them to scale and bring fresh possibilities to their customers.

We have a wealth of experience in the Financial, Food, Manufacturing & Tech sectors.

Work with us to solve your challenges using technology

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