Prevent Warehouse Accidents with AI

Using Your CCTV & Our AI to automatically detect when health & safety rules are broken - while sending you alerts.
Know how safe your factory is and predict where accidents are likely to happen.

“Same as having 20 H&S inspectors monitoring our site 24x7. We now know our high risk areas with actual video data”

Trusted by Masonite

Know When Near Misses Happen Instantly

The SafeHawk AI platform alerts you as soon as safety breaches occur. From forklift/person proximity to not wearing correct PPE - we log the incident so that you have concrete data to base your safety decisions on.

We deploy our SafeHawk platform onsite within your network. Start gathering safety rule breaches in under 1 week. Build up a dashboard of site safety performance with real video evidence of each incident. Make safety decisions based on video evidence rathen than gut feeling.

Artificial Intelligence

Prevent Accidents

Don't wait for a workplace accident to happen before you react. Have site safety performance data at your fingertips so you know which areas are a safety risk.
Plan safety training based on factual video data to ensure that your site is the safest it can be.

360 Degree View of your Site Safety

Instant Safety Alerts

We use your existing CCTV Cameras to monitor for safety rule breaches in realtime. Know when near misses occur and take proactive action rather than reactive

Powerful Safety Risk Dashboard

Data Driven Safety

Build rules suited to your site and reduce loss of income from workplace accidents. Ensure your employees are safe based on factual video evidence. Know where improvements need to be made. Stop hopng that your site is safe and know for sure with actionable data.

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